Divorce Stories by You

Write your way through divorce & help others by sharing.


Here’s some flash fiction from Anonymous about the simple, ordinary, maddening things that can loom large when a marriage begins to unravel: I’m at the kitchen counter, chopping carrots. You walk into the kitchen to remind me that you don’t like carrots and peas in your shrimp fried rice.  I chop harder, faster. I’m furious […]

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Keeping Them Safe

by Petra McQueen We are in my front room. Richard is perching on the arm of a chair and I am on the sofa still in my pajamas. This morning he dropped the boys off early and they are rattling through the house finding what they need for school. There’s time for a quick chat and, for […]

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by Anonymous When I was numb in my marriage, the numbness extended to physical sensation as well as emotional feeling.  I didn’t fully understand this at the time.  I sought out someone other than my husband because I wanted a man to feel the opposite of numb about me, the opposite of apathetic.  I wanted […]

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