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“Not only is your story worth telling, but it can be told in words so painstakingly eloquent that it becomes a song.” ~ Gloria Naylor

Writing Through Your Divorce: The Blog

We welcome submissions from men and women at all stages of divorce.  If you’ve been divorced for years, remarried after divorce, or if you’re thinking about filing next week, we want to read about your experiences: how you got there, what you’re doing, and/or what you’re going to do next.

What To Submit

We welcome submissions that are about…

*an experience of divorce that you’re certain no one else has had

*an experience of divorce that’s so common, you just a little bit (or a lot) pissed off that your life feels like a Lifetime Original movie, or worse, a cliché

*a time in your divorce process when you thought everything would be okay…or when you were scared shitless that it wouldn’t

We welcome submissions that are about divorce and…






*mental illness and mental health

*finding new love


*family and community

*work and money matters

We welcome personal essays, short fiction, experimental fiction, and poetry.  Even if the characters or narrators are fictional, we want you, the author, to be a person at some stage of divorce, including remarriage.

We welcome serious writing and irreverent writing, in equal measure.  We want our readers to think, relate, laugh, cry, disagree, find comfort, reconsider their comfort zones, be inspired, be encouraged, and be reminded.

Our goal is to host an online collection of fine writing about divorce, so please send us your best, edited, most thoughtful work.  Prose submissions should be 1,500 words or less.  Poetry submissions should include one poem of no more than 5 pages.

We welcome submissions that are in English and that are not being submitted elsewhere simultaneously. We prefer original, unpublished content, but will consider previously published submissions on a case-by-case basis.

What Not To Submit

We are highly unlikely to publish:

*poems that rhyme

*revenge fantasies

*stories in which the hero/heroine is “saved” by a new relationship

*stories that depict sex merely for titillation.  Because let’s face it: presumably, we’ve all had sex before, so any explicit sex scenes should be significant to the story, interesting and well-written.

We will not publish writing that…

*includes gratuitous or graphic depictions of violence or abuse, including sexual violence and abuse.  A narrative that involves violence or abuse isn’t unwelcome; we just ask you to carefully consider whether you need to show the immediate act itself as it may be triggering for some readers.

*posits that divorce should be illegal or difficult to obtain

*bashes, stereotypes, or generalizes about people based on gender; race or ethnicity; sexual or gender identity or preference; or religion. (For example, a story about one’s spouse asking for a divorce because she became a born-again Christian, you refused to convert, and she felt her religion required that she divorce you…is welcome.  A story about how Christianity as a whole is a destructive, and Christians in general are hypocrites, is not.)

*positively depicts what we perceive to be parental alienation (one parent alienating a child from the other)

When To Submit

We welcome submissions on a year-round, ongoing basis.

How To Submit

Please fill out the form below. Please make sure that the formatting (e.g., paragraph breaks) is intact; our eyes cannot handle a 1,500-word block of text.


We will usually respond to submissions within 4 weeks.  Accepted submissions can be published using your real name, a pseudonym, or credited to “Anonymous.”

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